The El Paso Heart Center is pleased to introduce our
Prevention Clinic.

What can the Prevention Clinic do for me?

Every year about 800,000 Americans suffer their first heart attack. Twenty five heart attacks are "silent"; without any obvious symptoms or warnings. Through simple and affordable testing, you can find out your risk and control your heart's health.

The El Paso Heart Center Heart and Vascular Screening Packages can help you understand your risk, which is the first step toward prevetion. We employ many of El Paso's most highly trained cardiologists and technologists to analyze your tests and help you understand your risk.

What is offered by the Prevention Clinic?

Heart Scan $100

Calcium Score | Using a CT scanner, this tests for calcium buildup of plaque on he walls of the arteries. It is used to detect coronary artery disease and, if present, can determine the severity.

Heart Test $150

Cardiac stress tests, also called exercise or readmill tests, are commonly used to find evidence of blockages in the arteries of the heart.

Initial Heart Screening $100

During your initial visit, you will discuss your social habits, family history, and nutrition with one of our providers to assess your risk of heart disease.

Follow up Heart Screening $50

If necessary, we will meet periodically after your initial screening to follow your progress with your personalized plan, and to renew the resuls of necessary screening.

The following packages are not covered by insurance or Medicare. Please call to discuss the screenings and schedule an appointment. Not all tests will be completed unless considered appropiate.

Heart Health Labs $39

Known as a VAP+ panel, will test specific lipid levels in the blood.

Vascular Screening $120

Carotid Artery Screening | Blood vessels are checked for blockages using ultrasound.
Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) Screening | Simply done; this procedure will add significant information about your circulation.